Honourable Friends Acknowledged
Squirrels, Otters, and Hornets (photo J Erickson
Mr Littles aboard Hornet (Photo McBride)
Pierce, Frank and Gregg Champlin
"A special of note of thanks to all those "sailor types" that we've worked with over the years. It has been a pleasure to be "playing" at the leading edge of such a worthwhile hobby. Thanks for all the help and fun mates. We've been lucky to be so honoured with your fine company.
Special Thanks To:

The Boats:
The HORNET (Captain Damian Siekonic), The Ship's Cutter of the DROMEDARY (Capt Steve Eftimiades), The INSOLENT (Capt John Taylor), The BLACK SHEEP (Capt Dave Valentine)

The Crews: The Somerseters, The Otters, The Pennsylvania State Navy, The Falcons, The Kings Company, The Royal Marines, The Batteaumen of the New York Provincials, The Royal Regiment of Artillery.

The Sites: Fort Mifflin, Fort Ontario, Crown Point, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Old Bedford Village, Fort Loudon, The Farm in Rhode Island,  and all the other sites who've made us feel at home.
Thanks mates!
The "Squirrels"
Anchors Up!
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Squirrels and Otters on Patrol
The Doctor is "IN" Doc and Pierce aboard Insolent (photo J Taylor)
Owl...Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!