"The Whale versus the Elephant"
Links to sites with information about Conflicts between Great Britain and France and the United States that shaped the modern world from 1792 to 1815
Maritime Heritage Sites
The French Revolution/Napoleonic Wars (including the American One) Recreated
National Maritime Museum - Great Britain
National Maritime Museum - France
War of 1812 Battles Index
Mariners Museum - Newport News
War of 1812 Bicentennial
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
The Napoleon Series
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic - Halifax
Brigade Napoleon
1812 Crown Forces Marine Museum of the Great Lakes
1812 US Forces Maine Maritime Museum
Ship's Company
Historical Maritime Society (HMS)
1st Coy, 2nd Bttn, Royal Marines
Captain Cook's ENDEAVOUR
1812 US Marine and Naval Guard
US Gunboat #166
Anchors Up!
Navy and Marine Living History Assoc.