"Aye, so you've found yourself at the docks with not a penny to your name and you're thinking of volunteering for a life of adventure and prize money his His Britannic Majesty's Navy. Don't worry about the press lads, we won't be pressing you if your not an able seaman, skilled at handling sail, reefing and steering. But if your thinking of volunteering, we can always use good, sober hands willing to learn the ways of the sea. Pay is good, food is plentiful, medical care always at hand, and grog is there to warm your soul. Prize Money awaits the intrepid. You could be set up for life, don't you know mate.  See the world. Save Britain from the Corsican Ogre and his atheist horde of civilization defilers. Sign aboard now mate. God Save Great Britain. "
If you really do enjoy reenacting and have a yearning to feel the wind at your back upon the water or the smoke in your face from a cannon discharge, the HMS Dragon  might just be for you. We are a family friendly organization with members between the ages of 64 (old salt) and 7 (hey, where do you think powder monkeys come from...OK, he doesn't work the guns, but he is 7). Ladies are welcome as well. While we were mostly established to destroy French despotism, we will also make sail to punish Madisonian perfidy and ensure our trade. The Dragon does recruit for His Majesty now in the Chesapeake region and Middle Atlantic states.  So if you're tired of marching about aimlessly (we either "saunter" or "charge"), like the crack of the cannon, hanker for a  wooden world of  period watercraft or just "LOVE THE NAVY", there might be a place with us  for you. You can hang your hammock over there mate.
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