Napoleon who? (photo Jan)
of HM Ship's Company
"Mister Littles" - "We must BOARD them NOW!!!"
Surgeon Davis - "and it was OARS he said, not...."
Pierce - "Just sign on board here mate"
Doc and Bolton
McBride - "Step away from the rum, mate"
Bolton - "A light? You don't mind flint and Steel?"
Williams - "Jumpin Billy don't look so good"
"Smalls" - zzzzzz "CANNON BLAST" (snore) zzzzz
Todd - "The Hell you say?"
Moseley - "Egad! Would you look at the time?"
Greeley  - "Take command of the Rocket boat? Aye, I can"
"O'Brian"  - "It's a Monkeyfist...makes a great cosh"
Pierce and McBride ashore (photo T Post)
The Ladies
"Miss Jan"  - "Spotted Dog is not a disease."
"Miss Karen"  - "So when do I get to see the Savages?"
(photo N Randall)
"Miss Natalie"  - "LadeeDA LaDEEda"
"Miss Carol"  - "You're not at all what I expected of sailors"
"Miss Laura"  - "O'Brian hit me with that monkeyfist"
(photo N Randall) Thin Blue Line
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