Equippage and Stores
In answer to the eternal question posed to Naval Reenactors "Where's your boat?" Well, we don't have one yet. But we're shopping aye! While we wait for the "grant" to come through so that we may begin construction on our period  Frigate (kidding, but we do like boats), we will often have some pretty heavy "assets" with us to demonstrate "Being Navy". We also have a strong working relationship with some of the period boat captains, so you will get your "sea time" in while part of our crew or see us ranting and roaring after "enemy" vessels. Bring'em within pistol shot you know.
Miss Jan running the show (photo N Randall)
While gunnery  provides the "BOOM"  to our  Landing Party, our membership also provides a lot of naval extras.  We have a working set of blocks to demonstrate that naval specialty, "The Science of Labour" with block and tackle work. We also have a surgeon aboard (aye, a real physician, don't you know) so if you be having trouble with a tooth, gangrene, or some  disease you contracted on a run ashore, he's your man. Pass the laudanum aye. Lots and lots of demonstration pieces  and artifacts are available for demonstrations. Before you "Les Francais" get to thinking we just drink grog and let the lobsters do the fighten' ashore, aye, we fight too. So best to keep a weather eye on your baggage. Prizes?...Oui.
Boats we've helped crew. From L to R  - Insolent (Capt John Taylor), Ship's Cutter (Capt Steve Eftimiades), Vigilante - not yet (Capt Andy Fisher), Leatherstocking's Bark Canoe, Hornet (Capt Damian Siekonic)
Anchors Up!