His Majesties Ship Dragon
Landing Party and Whatnot
The mission and purpose of theDragon is to  faithfully recreate the culture, people, skills and trades of the British seamen  in the Americas during the period 1792-1815. We strive to bring credit and honor  to our maritime traditions and to "the indispensable men of history" whose lives  we study and interpret for the public and ourselves. The company will provide this experience  as interpreters dressed in the clothing of "Great Age of Sail" Seamen  equipped with tools and implements of that era. The crew will participate in reenactments and demonstrations throughout a broad section of the Eastern  United States concentrating on the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays and surrounding regions.
Members of the DRAGON  are classified as Volunteers,  and as such is a non-paid position.
Our goal is to portray the lives of the Nelsonian era  "man of the sea" as authentically as possible, so in order to ensure a  safe, professional, and historically accurate environment  the following guidelines are established for members of the companies.

Unless provided for by a particular event or scenario, all ships company members will portray  Able-Bodied or Ordinary Seamen, Landsmen (1st year members).  Individuals  are encouraged to develop a secondary portrayal (other than officers) such as sailmaker, cooper, carpenter etc, such as their skills will allow. Additional billets must be approved by both the "leading seaman" It should be noted that our primary portrayal and the one we will use at most events will be seaman and landsmen, as many events (particularly boat events) do not offer the latitude to do otherwise.

Member's of the Dragon will stand ready to assist other crew members aboard any vessel we may be on at all times. The safe operation of any vessel must always be our primary  concern. To this end, members of company  will learn the lines and  basic marlinespike seaman ship, so that they may  assist  when called upon.   

Members are expected to  provide their own fit-out/kit. Only those items of clothing, made from  materials and in styles appropriate to the early 19C, documented by research, shall  be worn. The same guideline applies to all accoutrements. 21st  Century anachronisms such as wristwatches, modern eyeglass frames, and modern  styled shoes shall not be worn.  

The  Dragon does  not discriminate based on gender, race, religion. However, in the interest of historical accuracy, only male clothing  will be worn by seamen interpreters.

The  Larboard Watch are to know and adhere to all laws, rules, policies, and  procedures as they relate to black-powder small arms, the great guns, and other small arms. 
Members of the Company  are not required to provide arms, but may do so at their own expense. Only  Firearms and Cutlasses that are pre-approved are allowed for demonstrations and tacticals. Safety and historical authenticity will be the guidelines for    approval.
Weapons are not to be  worn aboard ship or boat. It is historically inaccurate and a safety concern (unless the individual is assigned only that duty aboard a vessel)..   

Only information that  is backed by research and/or thorough sound experimental archeology is to be  communicated to the public. Stereotypes based upon fictional accounts are not  acceptable forms of public communication.   

There are many items of historical  significance that may have been used during different time periods and by  different people. We concern ourselves only with those items used by the  seamen whose lives we interpret. Therefore, if a member of the Watch  cares to use an item of questionable authenticity, it will be his/her  responsibility to provide documentation. A four-member panel, comprised of  members of the ships coy shall decide whether an item can be used or  not. Their decision is final.  

Facial hair was not   popular, nor fashionable, or even allowed by the Royal Navy during this period. In order to portray the Royal Navy, it is acceptable to have no more than three days growth of facial hair. Long sideburns were popular and are encouraged
*Please note that DRAGON is insured through the Navy and Marine Living History Association as a member unit of that group. They derives her status as a 501(c)(3) group from our membership in that organization.
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